We Support: Falcon All Series • Gulfstream-All Series • Hawker-All Series

President's Message

As Jet Parts, Inc. approaches our 20th year anniversary, I cannot help but to reflect on our mission statement. Jet Parts, Inc. (JPI) was born from an industry which was silently seeking a different level of problem solving and personalized service. Through the years we have focused on providing unparalleled service while keeping in tune with ensuring “good value per dollar spent” and “offering solutions” to all of our customers needs.  As a smaller firm, we realized early on that in order to compete against industry giants we needed to make a real difference. This approach has propelled Jet Parts, Inc to a new level. Our overall success as a premier aftermarket part support organization proves that hard work pays off. We are not done improving; the best is yet to come!

In my view, the success of most companies, particularly in the aviation industry, depends on a committed team of people, a solid customer base and reliable vendors. We are fortunate enough to have all three. As with any business it starts with the team; Jet Parts, Inc., without a doubt, has the most committed, caring and friendly professionals around. Although we have made significant investments in parts, our biggest investment is our team. They represent the most important asset we are fortunate to possess.

What can we say about our customer base? Comprised of some of America’s largest companies, successful FBO’s and private flight departments, a word comes to mind, THANK YOU!  Your support and loyalty has encouraged us to get better, work harder and learn to meet all expectations. Our vendors, mostly OEM’s, are an extension of the team; we cannot achieve success without their reliability and support.
We are pleased about the launch of our NEW web site, designed to provide general information, perspective on industry matters and the latest products and services offered by Jet Parts, Inc. One of the most exciting areas of our website is sharing our company with you. This “virtual tour” takes you inside our operation and describes how we do business. The tour illustrates how Jet Parts, Inc. focuses on traceability, quality assurance and dependable service.  After all, placing your trust in Jet Parts, Inc has to be earned every day.

Trust defines companies, individuals, and character, as well as promotes flight safety.  To our new prospects--we look forward to your next requirement and will work hard to earn your trust; you have my word.
Call me directly at 800-367-7787.

We look forward to being of service. Meeting all your expectations is our goal! 

Sincerely yours,

Al Toimil, President